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1.  Choose the following sentences which expression of Hope …..
a. I need a nice house                         b. I would like to have a nice house
c. I wish I had a nice house                 d. I like a nice house

2. The following sentence are expression of congratulation, except ….
a. I congratulate you on your success           b. Nice work
c. How poor you are                                     d. That’s great

3. Look at the picture and choose the best wish..


a. congratulation on your sickness
b. Get Well Soon, my friend
c. Why are you sick?
d. Don’t be sick

4. Look at the picture and choose the best wish ……

a. Have a great school day my friend
b. Have a nice trip!
c. Congratulation on your graduation. I happy for you
d. What a wonderful birthday

5. Dika : I won the competition yesterday
Hendri : Really? That’s very great. Please accept my warmest congratulations
Dika : …..
Hendri : You are welcome

a. Thanks for saying so                      b. I hope you say so
c. Oh, don’t mention it                         d. That’s very great

6. Diah : How was is your work?
Ana : I have finished my first novel
Diah : Wow…
Ana : Thank you
        a. Well done! You did it                         b. Thank you
        c. I hope it’s fine                                   d. Oh my God!

7.  Faiz            : What’s up? You look so sad.
       Rizki         : My brother got sick and he is still hospitalized
       Faiz           : That’s too bad. I’m so sorry to hear that. How is he now?
       Rizki         : He is getting better now
       Faiz           : Oh, ………….
Rizki         : I hope so

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue above is……
a. I hope he will get well soon                   b. I hope he looks so sad
c. I hope he is still hospitalized                 d. I hope he gets sick

 Complete the following dialogue to answer questions 7 and 8!

Gina:  Hi, Jean. How are you doing?
Jean:  Bad.
Gina:  What’s wrong?
Jean:  My father got sick. He has to stay in the hospital for a few days

          to get medical care.
Gina:  What happened to him?
Jean:  He got cancer.
Gina:  I’m sorry to hear that. But you still go to school?
 Jean: Yea, my mom told me that I have to go to school.

          She is in the hospital to accompany my dad.
Gina:  I (8) …….. your dad will get better soon.

 Jean:  Yea, (9) ………..

8.   a. Congratulate       b. Talk               c. Hope           d. try

9.a.  I doubt                   b. I hope so           c. I don’t think so    d. No comment

10. Dita : Congratulation on your achievement Dety

      Dety : …..

      a. Excellent                                       b. Good for you        

      c. How nice of you to say so             d. nice job


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